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Harrison Square Downtown Nashville

Please see next photo for detailed look at this 12' by 12' sign that we installed on the side of this downtown building.

Harrison Square 12' x 12'

Close up of the 12' by 12' sign the The Sign Shop fabricated and installed on the side of this downtown building.

Legends Ridge

An example of a For Sale sign with a lot number for large developments.

Quite often our commercial real estate customers like to have us build a stand with their sign, making it easy to stand in a parking lot and transfer to the next job.

Morningside Development Corp.

A standard 4’ x 8’ construction site sign.

Bent Creek

We developed this logo and made several signs for this residential subdivision in Nolensville, TN.

Benington Homes

A standard 4’ x 8’ site sign for a residential subdivision.

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